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Documenting Individual Land Rights to Save Zambia’s Forests

Cross-posted from USAID Medium In his leadership role, John Zimba, Chief Sandwe of the Nsenga People of Zambia’s Eastern Province has personally taken steps to help his people, particularly women, formally secure the rights to their land and the forests within their communities. The chief and his constituents are already seeing the benefits from protecting…Read More

Announcing the Climatelinks 2021 Photo Contest

The Climatelinks 2021 Photo Contest theme is Climate Change and People: The Challenges and Opportunities. We’re looking for submissions that capture the human dimension of climate change, in particular, social and economic responses to global change. Examples of relevant photos include depictions of the links between climate change and: Conflict and migration Adapting to climate…Read More

New USAID Study Examines Gender Bias in Customary Land Allocations: Findings Have Important Implications for Advancement of Women’s Land Rights

By: Jennifer Duncan, Senior Land Tenure Specialist, and Benjamin Linkow, Senior Research and Evaluation Advisor, on USAID’s Communications Evidence and Learning project Land access and ownership for women remains severely unequal compared to men despite the fact that women are active participants in the agricultural sector and provide the majority of agricultural labor in much…Read More

Five Ways USAID is Protecting the Environment by Improving Land and Resource Governance

Good governance is a critical threshold condition for environmental stewardship. USAID’s land and resource governance programming incorporates environmental conservation from the bottom up.  In the context of climate change, growing land and resource scarcity and concerns over resource conflict, secure tenure rights and effective governance of these rights have become all the more important. A…Read More

Chiribiquete: Protecting Colombia’s Largest National Park

USAID is partnering with the Government of Colombia to strengthen the capacity to increase sustainable land use and decrease deforestation to protect an iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Serranía del Chiribiquete was first declared a protected area in 1989 when it covered 1.3 million hectares. The government has since expanded the park to its…Read More

Land Titles Downstream Will Protect Forests Upstream in Cambodia

By USAID Greening Prey Lang Originally published March 22, 2021 on USAID Greening Prey Lang Exposure site Kampong Thom province is one of Cambodia’s agriculture hubs. Across the province rivers originating in Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary support vast irrigation systems. The irrigation systems are frequently managed by Farmer Water User Communities (FWUC). One community irrigation…Read More