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USAID Brief Reveals Linkages between Gender-Based Violence and Documentation of Women’s Land Rights

Different forms of GBV are linked to land documentation, including economic violence such as a denial of land access, ownership, and inheritance rights, forced displacement, and property grabbing. Banner Photo credit CLEMENT CHIRWA – TETRA TECH A USAID brief, published to mark 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, reveals important lessons from land rights…Read More

In Mozambique, Building Trust Through Land Rights

Ácia and Abílio, once at odds over land boundaries, share a moment in Ácia’s field. Banner Photo: Rena Singer/World Bank This blog was written by Paula Pimentel, Senior Agricultural Research & Technology Transfer Advisor of the USAID, Mozambique, and originally published on World Bank Blogs. The story is also available in the Portuguese language. Researchers are…Read More

Land Ownership, Tumaco’s New Hope

The pandemic has shown the Colombian government how structural land issues continue to hamper rural development. Colombia’s hospitals have been challenged due to Covid-19, and while the government rushes to strengthen the country’s healthcare system, intensive care unit occupancy remains high throughout the pandemic. The crisis has led many leaders to recognize that behind the…Read More

We Hope that with Formalization the Context Will also Change

The health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that land formalization is vital to strengthen the role of health entities in rural Colombia. In Tumaco, 85% of the parcels are informally owned, illicit crops cover thousands of hectares, and the risk of antipersonnel landmines is high. Tumaco Mayor, María Emilsen Angulo, talks about…Read More

Co-creation and Partnership Opportunity

Partnership opportunity to address two Sustainable Landscapes challenges! First, how do we speed and scale up profitable business models that secure sustainable, deforestation-free supply chains? Second, how do we develop and innovative strategies to scale landscape restoration and conservation? To support the co-creation of these models and strategies for Sustainable Landscapes, the Global Climate Change Office…Read More

Building the Community from the Land

USAID promotes land titling and land administration to help resolve the social conflicts facing the population of Caceres The town of Caceres was already living in a sort of lockdown long before the coronavirus became an international health crisis. Just a year ago, a self-imposed curfew had curtailed business hours and streets were empty for…Read More