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Request for Applications for the WE4F Asia EDGE Ag-Energy Prize

The Water and Energy for Food (WE4F) Asia Enhancing Development and Growth through Energy (EDGE) Ag-Energy Prize seeks business owners and entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia with game-changing innovations operating at the nexus of renewable energy, and agriculture. The winners of the Prize will receive $100,000 for the mid-stage category and $75,000 for the youth category…Read More

Statement of Jeffrey Haeni, Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator, on Illicit Mining

On December 5, 2019, the Senate Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere, Transnational Crime, Civilian Security, Democracy, Human Rights, and Global Women’s Issues held a hearing on Illicit Mining: Threats to U.S. National Security and International Human Rights. USAID’s Jeff Haeni, Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator in the Bureau for Economic Growth, Education and Environment (E3), testified on…Read More

Are medium-scale farms driving agricultural transformation in sub-Saharan Africa?

T. S. Jayne,  Milu Muyanga, Ayala Wineman, Hosaena Ghebru, Caleb Stevens, Mercedes Stickler, Antony Chapoto, Ward Anseeuw, Divan van der Westhuizen, David Nyang Abstract This study presents evidence of profound farm-level transformation in parts of sub- Saharan Africa, identifies major sources of dynamism in the sector, and proposes an updated typology of farms that reflects…Read More

Making History

USAID supports first land auction in Tajikistan By Krystyna Solarana, Communications Specialist, USAID’s Tajikistan Country Office In a brightly-lit room in southwest Tajikistan in late September, 30 men and women gathered to bid on land use rights in the country’s first-ever public land auction. Transferring land use rights from the state to private individuals, in…Read More

The First Land Auction in Tajikistan

USAID helps Tajikistan reach a key milestone on its journey to self-reliance. The first land auction on the leasing of agricultural lands emphasizes the importance of the new procedures for transparent and easy access to lands. Over the past 28 years, the Government of Tajikistan’s land reform efforts have made tangible progress; however, up to…Read More

Synthesis Report II: The Changing Face of African Farmland in an Era of Rural Transformation

Executive Summary  Mounting evidence suggests that sub-Saharan Africa has undergone profound rural transformation since the early 2000s, though progress has been highly uneven across countries. Conventional views of African agriculture are in many respects becoming obsolete. Our review highlights the evidence of farm-level transformation in the region, identifies the key sources of dynamism in the…Read More