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Opinion: Connecting the dots — land rights and inclusive economic growth in Colombia

Last month, top Colombian economic minds gathered in Bogotá for a Grand Economic Forum on attracting investment as the country emerges from a decades-long civil war. Andres Cadena, a senior partner at McKinsey & Company, distilled the issue to its essence: “Colombia’s great challenge is that it has not found its growth model. The country has been growing…Read More

Under Construction

By Land and Rural Development Program in Colombia What to do? Every year, municipal leaders across Colombia face a recurring dilemma: use funds to fix the roads destroyed by the rains or spend the funds on a tertiary road inventory. On the one hand, the inventory is an instrument that every municipality needs in order…Read More

Bringing Women to the Table

By Land and Rural Development Program in Colombia When she returned to her land in Morroa, Sucre, Sirle Ruiz never imagined that ñame would be the crop that would help her reactivate her farm’s economy. The tropical tuber was once a mainstay for her family and she remembered how before the violence displaced her family, she helped her…Read More

Reversing Displacement

Since the creation of the Land Restitution Unit, USAID’s support has been integral. What is the current balance of seven years of work between the two entities? By Land and Rural Development Program in Colombia With the highest number of displaced persons in the Western Hemisphere, the Colombian government is facing the great task of…Read More

Café Kuma is New Life

By Land and Rural Development Program in Colombia In rural Colombia, coffee is not only a way of life, but it is also a path out of poverty and toward greater economic self-reliance. With USAID’s support, coffee producers from indigenous communities in Colombia’s Cesar region are improving their capacity to grow and process higher-value speciality…Read More

Securing land tenure with smartphones

This blog post was originally published on the World Bank’s Sustainable Cities blog. More than 1,000 years. That’s how long recent estimates suggest it would take in some developing countries to legally register all land – due to the limited number of land surveyors in country and the use of outdated, cumbersome, costly, and overly regulated surveying…Read More