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Women Claim their Space in Land Governance

Cross-posted from IIED. Guest blogger Megan Huth details how USAID is employing a novel approach to ensure that rural women participate in decisions about land and natural resource use in Liberia In Liberia, in May 2021, the Bluyema Clan’s most outspoken and politically active women gathered to agree who would run for election for the…Read More

Land Rights: An Important Tool in the Fight Against Hunger

Guest Author: Colin Christensen, One Acre Fund Today, with up to 811 million people going to bed hungry, the world is well off track from our collective SDG2 goal of achieving “zero hunger” by 2030. As climate change makes weather patterns more unpredictable, an estimated 78 million more people will face chronic hunger in 2050…Read More

Women’s Land Rights Champion: Catherine Tembo, Ph.D.

Each month, we will feature a Women’s Land Rights Champion within USAID to learn more about their work. This month’s Champion is Catherine Tembo, Ph.D., USAID/Zambia’s Natural Resources Specialist in the Economic Development Office.  Tell us about yourself. I currently serve as USAID/Zambia’s Natural Resources Specialist in the Economic Development Office. My work involves providing…Read More

We Need Land-Use Planning to Prevent Deforestation at the Agricultural Frontier — And It’s Harder Than You Think

This blog originally appeared on Climatelinks.  By Daniel Evans Global sustainability initiatives like the UN Sustainable Development Goals have a land problem: How to achieve multiple land-intensive goals when there is only so much land to go around. Urgent needs for land, especially in developing countries, include protecting and restoring carbon-rich forests, conserving habitats to preserve the…Read More

Women Farmers get the Recognition they Deserve

An innovative USAID-PepsiCo partnership is supporting women potato farmers in India to see farming as a future Last year, if you had told Bulti Porel that she would become an official potato supplier for multinational food, snack, and beverage corporation PepsiCo and expand her farming enterprise in the process, she would have been incredulous. Women…Read More

Shyamal Pal, Potato Aggregator and Long-Time Champion of Women’s Empowerment

Shyamal Pal is a PepsiCo aggregator based in the Balitha village in West Bengal, India, and long-time champion of women’s empowerment. In his experience as an aggregator for over 15 potato seasons, he understands the importance of building relationships and maintaining frequent communication with the farmers in the area. Shyamal has been an advocate for…Read More