Georgia: Economic Prosperity Initiative

Completed Project
Project Countries: Georgia
Thematic Issues: Economic Growth
Project Duration: 2013 to 2014
Approximate Funding: $990,000

USAID’s Economic Prosperity Initiative (EPI) supported a working group to develop the Land Registration Strategy and Action Plan. The strategy addressed the need to establish policies that deal effectively with all types of owners who received land as part of the original land privatization process. The action plan defined the program governance structure, set the implementation timeline and phases, identified necessary human and technical resources and outlined the overall budget (about $34 million) to complete the land reform/registration. The leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture reviewed the plan. The Minister of Agriculture made a presentation of the action plan to the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development and Minister of Justice and then to the Prime Minister for final approval. EPI conducted additional outreach with the donor community, where EPI already identified preliminary resources by the World Bank and the EU that contributed toward the land reform initiative. EPI also supported the Ministry of Agriculture to conduct outreach with NGOs.