Zambia: Food Security Research Project

Completed Project
Project Countries: Zambia
Thematic Issues: Food Security
Project Duration: 2010 to 2015
Approximate Funding: $11,500,000

Agricultural productivity of most staple crops has been stagnant, in part due to Government of the Republic of Zambia’s (GRZ) agriculture policies that exacerbate the challenges and focus on maize-centric subsides to the exclusion and detriment of other crops. The Food Security Research Project (FSRP) focused on sustainable agricultural policy reform and capacity building. FSRP built capacity among agricultural sector planners to achieve improved policy making through applied agricultural economic research, policy analysis, outreach, and dialogue. The  emphasis was to indigenize the capacity by supporting and strengthening local Zambian institutions, which included helping establish the Zambia Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute (IAPRI). FSRP supported and built capacity with the Zambia Government to develop and implement the CAADP Compact to collect and analyze agricultural data, including information on incomes, yields, diversification, land tenure, use of natural resources, household decision making, and other information. FSRP provided outreach and communication to stakeholders for discussion and input.