Afghanistan: Land Titling and Economic Restructuring in Afghanistan

Completed Project
Project Countries: Afghanistan
Thematic Issues: Economic Growth
Project Duration: 2004 to 2009
Approximate Funding: $27,000,000

The Land Titling and Economic Restructuring in Afghanistan (LTERA) project aimed to privatize state-owned enterprises and reform the real estate sector. With respect to real estate reform, the project assisted the Afghan government in the preparation of a nation-wide land policy. It worked with the Afghan Supreme and Appellate Courts to streamline land registration procedures and salvage, organize, digitize and preserve land records in 21 archival offices; formalized land titles in selected informal settlements in four cities; developed a pilot project for informal settlement upgrading; conducted another pilot project for aerial photography and mapping; and developed a cadastral mapping program at an Afghan university. The project also developed techniques to facilitate land dispute resolution.