Colombia: Más Inversión para el Desarrollo Alternativo Sostenible

Completed Project
Project Countries: Colombia
Thematic Issues: Economic Growth
Project Duration: 2005 to 2010
Approximate Funding: $2,000,000

USAID/Colombia’s Más Inversión para el Desarrollo Alternativo Sostenible (MIDAS) project, through an integrated approach across four technical components (small and medium enterprises, agribusiness, commercial forestry, and policy), aimed to improve economic competitiveness and reduce incentives for participation in illicit cultivation and commercial activities. The MIDAS project’s policy component addressed problems of insecure property rights and the need to restitute land rights to millions. MIDAS identified legal and institutional limitations to land formalization processes as well as mechanisms to reduce transaction costs. The project reformed laws and regulations, conducted pilot regularization activities in seven rural regions, and developed a pilot for a GIS-based land information system.