Democractic Republic of Congo: Programme de Bonne Gouvernance

Completed Project
Project Countries: Democratic Republic of Congo
Project Duration: 2009 to 2014

The Programme de Bonne Gouvernance (PBG) worked to improve the management capacity and accountability of select legislatures and local governments in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The PBG promoted good governance by creating a stronger demand for government accountability through the enhancement of civil society’s advocacy capacity. The program also developed decentralization policies, helped local governments improves service delivery, and increased the institutional capability of national and provincial assemblies. The program partnered with three different groups: parliamentary institutions at the central and provincial level; public institutions that have a role in decentralization; and civil society and community-based organizations. The program was implemented in the provinces of Bandundu, Katanga, Maniema, and South Kivu. Project activities included advocating for better protection of small farmers against illegal taxation, corruption and land tenure insecurity, better fiscal management and action on health issues.