Honduras: ProParque

Completed Project
Project Countries: Honduras
Thematic Issues: Climate Change and Natural Resource Management, Economic Growth, Responsible Land Based Investment
Project Duration: 2011 to 2016
Approximate Funding: $29,500,000

The USAID ProParque team helped Honduras develop sound management of its natural resources in a way that complements the country’s economic and social development. The project worked with the Government of Honduras to strengthen the nation’s protected area management system, improve biodiversity and natural resource management, and facilitate rural enterprise growth, climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, land tenure, and clean energy development. The overarching goal was to improve Honduran biodiversity conservation, create local jobs, and strengthen national capacity for mitigating and adapting to global climate change. Honduras and its Bay Islands have rich natural resources—stunning coral reefs, mangroves, rainforests, cloud forests, mountain ranges, and an abundance of endemic plant, and animal species. ProParque worked side-by-side with the government, private sector, and civil society to protect these resources and helped leverage their natural and economic value for the benefit of the country and people who live within those sustainable and productive landscapes. ProParque and its partners—The Nature Conservancy, CARE Honduras, and Zamorano University—collaborated with numerous associates, including the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment; Honduran Institute of Tourism; and Institute of Forest Conservation, Wildlife, and Protected Areas, among others.