Tajikistan Land Reform and Farm Restructuring Project

Completed Project
Project Countries: Tajikistan
Thematic Issues: Economic Growth, Food Security, Women's Empowerment
Project Duration: 2013 to 2016
Approximate Funding: $5,500,000

In October 2013, USAID launched the Feed the Future-funded Land Reform and Farm Restructuring Project (LRFRP), a $5.5 million, three-year project that supported the continuing process of dehkan farm restructuring and recognition of property rights leading to a market in land-use rights through four key tasks: 1) legislative reform, 2) building the capacity of Tajik officials, farmers, rural stakeholders, and civil society, 3) increased public information and awareness, and 4) provision of legal advice and assistance to rural farmers. LRFRP’s broad range of activities covered 12 districts in the Khatlon region, which comprises 67 jamoats (see Exhibit 1). To achieve its results, LRFRP worked through the four mutually reinforcing project tasks, generating significant reforms and improved awareness among Tajik citizens that will have lasting effects for generations to come.


  • Provide technical support to the Government of Tajikistan to develop a land policy and appropriate legislation
  • Build capacity of government officials, farmers, civil society organizations and other rural stakeholders to capitalize on land reform
  • Help local government officials, farmers, and other stakeholders learn about land reform and the expansion of land-use rights of farmers in order to foster greater transparency in land administration, leading to more efficient use of land which will stimulate increased farm incomes and strengthened economic development in the agricultural sector
  • Support the provision of legal advice and other assistance to promote farm restructuring and the development of a market in land-use rights