USAID Land Tenure Projects

A list of USAID projects with a significant portion of their budget allocated to strengthening land tenure and natural resource governance can be found below. Use the faceting to the left of the list to refine the list by project details, including project status, sector, region, and approximate funding.

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Multi-Country: Guatemala, Peru

Addressing Biodiversity-Social Conflict in Latin America

Climate Change and Natural Resource Management | Governance, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance
Completed Project
The overall goal of the U.S. Government in providing technical support and training under the Addressing Biodiversity-Social Conflict in Latin America (ABC-LA) program is to improve indigenous/minority community and local/regional governmental capacities to better address conflicts (potential and on-going) in the extractives sector that may negatively impact areas of significant biodiversity, thus leading to greater...Read More

Agriculture and Rural Development Support: Ukraine

Economic Growth | Food Security
Active Project
The Agriculture and Rural Development Support (ARDS) project will support broad-based, resilient economic growth through a more inclusive, competitive, and better governed agriculture sector that provides attractive livelihoods to rural Ukrainians. The project consists of three components: Improve enabling environment and governance of the agricultural sector; Increase investment, productivity, employment, and incomes in the agricultural sector;...Read More

AgroInvest: Ukraine

Economic Growth | Food Security
Completed Project
The AgroInvest project aims to accelerate and broaden economic recovery in Ukraine and contribute to global food security efforts by creating a more inclusive and competitive agricultural industry. In particular, AgroInvest is expected to increase awareness among rural landholders and producers of their land rights, facilitate the adoption of legislation needed for agricultural land reform,...Read More

Arziki Project: Niger

Food Security | Economic Growth
Completed Project
The main objective of the Niger Food Security Program (NFSP) is to increase food production and incomes, and ensure livelihood protection and health for food insecure farming households through the use of improved agricultural and livestock production technologies, increased market participation, innovative approaches to strengthening the household asset base and provision of safe drinking water.

Biodiversity Conservation of Public Lands in the Brazilian Amazon

Climate Change and Natural Resource Management
Completed Project
The Biodiversity Conservation of Public Lands in the Brazilian Amazon project will support the development and implementation of capacity building and technical assistance activities to strengthen conservation and management of biologically significant target areas, representing diverse terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems within public lands and their buffer zones in the western Brazilian Amazon biome, Strengthening the...Read More

Bolivia Land Titling Program

Completed Project
The Bolivia Land Titling Program helped Bolivia’s National Agrarian Reform Institute and its Property Registry System to develop a low-cost model to title and register more than 470,000 hectares containing more than 25,000 properties. The activity improved security of property rights and to expanded individual access to land markets and the full benefits of land...Read More

Building Bridges to Peace: Uganda

Governance, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance
Completed Project
This program aimed to address key causes of conflict and engage communities to achieve peace and reconciliation in Kaabong District, Karamoja, where cattle raiding, contested access to natural resources, small arms proliferation, and weak state institutions are among the drivers of conflict. The program strengthened local and district mechanisms for conflict mitigation, encouraged ongoing dialogue...Read More

Burundi Policy Reform Program

Governance, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance
Completed Project
USAID/Burundi’s Policy Reform Program aimed to strengthen relations between the government, civil society, and the media in order to promote dialogue and foster a transparent and participatory land policy formulation process. Through its trainings in conflict management, anti-corruption and advocacy, the project built the capacity of government, civil society, and media to understand and discuss...Read More
Democratic Republic of Congo

Capacity Building for Responsible Minerals Trade: Democratic Republic of Congo

Active Project
The Great Lakes Region (GLR) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are characterized by an abundance of natural resources, including significant deposits of gold, cobalt, copper, diamonds, tantalum, and tin. However, the potential of these resources to contribute to economic growth and sustainable development has remained untapped. The goal of the Capacity Building for...Read More